Working experience

2021 programmer at Internet Product Development Group, Inc.
- Ruby programming
2018-2020 programmer at Clientigent s.r.o.
- PHP programming (Symfony)
2017-2018 programmer at Grand s.r.o.
- PHP programming: developing new applications on top of Symfony; refactoring and extending legacy systems built on ancient versions of Drupal, Nette, as well as "vanilla" PHP
2015-2017 programmer at Applifting s.r.o.
- Ruby programming, mostly on Rails (+ one PHP project): backends for mobile and JS apps, traditional web apps, third-party system integrations
2013-2015 junior programmer at Topinfo s.r.o.
- Python programming, simple web front-end work (HTML, JS), customer support, maintenance of several dozens of websites and web applications


2014-2016, 2017-2019 Bachelor (Bc.) + Master (Mgr.) programme "Theology" at the Faculty of Theology, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.
2007-2014 Master programme "Catholic Theology" at the Catholic Theological Faculty, Charles University, Prague. Terminated without reaching the degree. 2013 I started working fulltime and didn't manage to finish my thesis.
2011 one semester at the Catholic Theological Faculty, University Erfurt (Germany)
1999-2007 Gymnázium Kladno

"Teologie ... to nemá s programováním nic společného, že ne?" "Má. Mě."

(Human) Languages

Technical skills

Code online (highlights)

Most of my publicly available code is in personal hobby projects. A few contributions to open-source projects can be dug up at Github, but none of them is worth a special mention.

Active software projects

My active personal projects crystalize around two main topics:

  1. Church calendar
  2. Liturgical music and hymnal typesetting

1. Church calendar

2. Liturgical music

Inactive software projects