Working experience

Since July 2015 programmer at Applifting s.r.o.
- Ruby programming, mostly on Rails: backends for mobile and JS apps, traditional web apps
2013-2015 junior programmer at Topinfo s.r.o.
- Python programming, simple web front-end work (HTML, JS), customer support, maintenance of several dozens of websites and web applications


1999-2007 Gymnázium Kladno
2007-2014 Master programme "Catholic Theology" at the Catholic Theological Faculty, Charles University, Prague. Terminated without reaching the degree. I started working fulltime in 2013 and didn't manage to finish my thesis.
2011 one semester at the Catholic Theological Faculty, University Erfurt (Germany)

"Teologie ... to nemá s programováním nic společného, že ne?" "Má. Mě."


Types of work I have been up to

Technical skills

Code online

Active software projects

Most of my active personal software projects are in one way or another related to my activities in the field of church music (composition, typesetting, research).

1. Web apps

2. Text processing tools

Inactive software projects